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Consumers are bombarded with a lot of choices when it comes to credit repair companies in Texas. It makes it harder to sort through the available options. Many people also have unanswered questions about how to repair credit scores.

We have sorted through hundreds of options and highlighted the biggest credit repair companies in Texas. Plenty of repair firms operate online as the services don’t have to be offered in person. Still, customers receive direct assistance from specialists over the phone. The organizations also provide online portals or apps where customers can track the status of the disputes and report changes.

Best credit repair companies for Texas

Residents of Texas are spoilt for choice when it comes to reputable providers of repair and restoration services. It’s essential to filter for quality providers. Here are the companies that passed our strict qualification criteria:

Credit Saint


Credit Saint

For the best credit repair in Texas, residents can’t go wrong by choosing Credit Saint. People cite the company for its effectiveness. As a trusted service, they only dispute inaccurate items. If they are unsuccessful in removing any items within 90 days, customers can claim a refund. Their basic package goes for $79.99 with an initial work fee of $99. Their top package goes for $119.99 with a setup fee of $195, and it’s recommended to consumers with many inaccuracies to challenge.

  • Hours: 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. Mon-Friday, Sat 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sun 12 – 8 p.m.
  • Call: (877) 637-2673

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The Credit People

The Credit People

The Credit People sets itself apart from other credit repair companies in Texas by offering the lowest setup fees at only $19. All customers are on one package at $79 per month that comes with all the restoration features. The firm offers a 6-months membership package that allows customers to save $74 on a regular 6-months subscription.

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Lexington Law

lexington law

Lexington Law is one of the most recognized credit repair firms nationally, and they use a three-step process to repair negative entries. Their paralegals first research and review questionable negative items. Next, they submit requests to the CRBs to verify the questionable entries. Thirdly, they work with customers to establish better financial behaviors and continue leveraging the legal process to address new issues. Monthly packages range from $89.95 to $129.95. An average customer subscribes for six months.

  • Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, MT
  • Call: 1-844-713-4417

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Sky Blue Credit Repair

sky blue credit repair

Sky Blue is a reputable repair firm that offers a professional-led analysis to help customers identify hard-to-spot errors. Their dispute cycle lasts for 35 days, which is only five days short of the 30-day window for re-investigations. Customers pay $79 and a corresponding initial work fee that’s charged after the first six days. They also offer a number of extra credit restoration services as part of their core package. Other companies tend to charge extra fees for these add-ons.

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Pinnacle Credit Repair

Pinnacle Credit Repair

Pinnacle Credit Management is founded on the proprietary dispute technology developed by Andre, the company’s founder. They claim to achieve faster results by filing disputes every 2 weeks. The only limitation is that they charge high fees, as customers have to pay $499 for their Fast Track service, and about $1,500 for their Fast Track Elite package.

Ovation Credit Services

Ovation Credit Services

Founded by attorneys, Ovation now boasts over 17 years of repair experience. They offer two affordable packages at $79 and $109 per month. The top package affords subscribers unlimited disputes per billing cycle. Both packages include extra credit restoration features such as debt validation and ceases & desist letters. The company files disputes faster by leveraging its proprietary technology and even offers fast-track same-day services. It’s also part of LendingTree LLC, the leading loans marketplace.

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Credit Repair Services in Texas

The best credit repair companies in Texas allow customers one initial free consultation. It’s a chance to interview the company and determine if it will be an ideal fit. Customers should first ask how their credit repair process works and how many challenges they file per month.

It’s also important to know about other features. For instance, if you have an upcoming promotion or loan review, some repair firms will write a letter explaining that they are repairing your inaccurate negative entries.

Consumers can also ask credit repair services in Texas about their guarantees or expected time frame before scores improve. While the process does not necessitate the intervention of an attorney, it’s important to ask if the company has any litigation experience. It may come in handy when information furnishers are unwilling to change inaccurate information in reports. You can further ask about the qualifications of the credit repair specialists.


Yes, credit repair in Texas is legal, and Credit Service Organizations are regulated by Chapter 393 of the Finance Code. The Secretary of State registers CSOs that wish to conduct business in the state and ensures that they follow credit repair laws in Texas.

Chapter 393 also exempts several persons from registration, for instance, attorneys who are authorized to practice law in Texas or non-profit organizations exempt from taxation.

The costs will vary depending on the chosen company. Note that paying more doesn’t mean better outcomes. Customers who subscribe for more months will also end up paying more. Credit repair companies in Texas also charge an initial setup or review fee. It should be factored in as part of the overall cost calculation.

The top credit repair companies only help customers leverage their existing legal right to challenge CRBs and information furnishers to re-investigate claims. The FCRA entitles every person to an error-free report and defines how disputes should be handled under Section 611.

Repair companies don’t offer debt repair. You may need separate debt counseling or debt settlement services.

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Gerald Dunigan

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