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Gerald Dunigan

Hi there, Gerald Dunigan’s here, and nice to meet you.

Thank you for your interest in CreditFixed. I will fill you up on all the details on what we do & how we do it.

I’m a problem solver. Tell me that your phone is broken, and I will probably want to fix it.

My background is in finance and credit repair. I have worked in the industry for the last 13 years. My time’s been spent interacting with ordinary folks and helping them solve their credit problems.

The time came to transition from my 9-5, but the passion for offering solutions to credit problems was still alive. I had to think fast and figure out a better way to help. The Internet was the answer. With a page on the www, I could share my knowledge and experience with millions of people. But where to get started?

I knew the inner workings of credit repair companies. And at the time, people were getting scammed, right and left, by fake experts & scammy services. I reviewed the most trusted repair companies that offer real solutions and results. Because when you’re down on your luck, the last thing you’d want is to waste money.

So, I’ve been putting pen on paper, reviewing the packages, backgrounds, & results of credit repair providers since 2006.

For a fact, I can tell that you don’t need these services! Yes, you can do everything they do yourself. But working in the industry, I found that people needed the backing of experts because “credit” is a highly sensitive subject. While they could save $70 on subscription charges, they would have trouble challenging the big CRBs.

Is CreditFixed going to tell me the truth?

Here is the deal:

Our income comes from reviewing credit repair providers. They pay us in commissions every time you decide to purchase services through our affiliate links.

We also acknowledge that some affiliates turn a blind eye to the limitations of a platform they are reviewing. They only tell you the good things, not the bad. Some affiliates push the platform with the highest payouts, but their services may be trash!

We know all those dirty tricks. And I don’t support that. You must get the complete picture. That’s why our reviews mention:

While the articles are opinion-based, we try to cover a lot of ground. You also get to learn about:

Do you offer credit repair services or personalized advice?

At the moment, CreditFixed does not offer personalized advice or credit repair services. We want to have a bigger impact on our readers’ lives. So, in addition to reviewing articles, our team will explore the possibility of covering credit repair topics.

What’s your mission?

This is an easy one:

Our mission is to provide well-researched and informative articles that will help you find the best options to fix your credit.

As stated before, there’s nothing a credit repair company can do for you that you can’t do for yourself. When selecting credit repair companies, we consider many factors to see if they are a real deal. We consider the diversity of the services on offer. We check if they provide creditor interventions. Can they write goodwill letters on your behalf? For pricing, we check if it matches the value. The company’s reputation is key.

You’d want to be treated nicely, and there is no saying that you might be unsatisfied with the services of a company. Our evaluation also focuses on how a company addresses complaints. Do they offer refunds?

We check the company’s resources too. Ideally, they should have articles or videos explaining credit repair. Tracking your credit to see improvements also matters. We view companies with apps that deliver timely alerts favorably.

Final Note to You!

Credit repair companies are not magical solutions to bad credit. Their work is to help you identify questionable items in your reports. They write letters to CRBs on your behalf, trying to get the wrongly reported items removed.

Credit repair can be a tough journey. It’s often discouraging if you don’t see fast progress. But keep at it! With time, even the most damaged credit can be repaired.

Founder and Chief editor:

Gerald L. Dunigan

2350 Bailey Drive

Davenport, IA 52801

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