15 Best Credit Repair Companies of 2021

By Gerald Dunigan


Best credit repair companies

Looking for a credit repair company? Don’t know who to trust? We’ve got your back. See the best credit repair companies in 2021. Get answers to vital questions, including:

  • How much will it cost?
  • Is it worth paying for this service?
  • Are repair services legit?

Nothing paints you in a negative light, like a bad credit score. But you’re not alone! Only 69% of Americans have good credit scores. A sizable chunk falls into the subprime borrower category. That means they have FICO scores ranging from 300 to 669.

With a low score, ‘traditional’ lenders disqualify your credit applications. Certain employers will turn down your job application. Even landlords may view tenants with bad credit in a negative light.

Want to repair bad credit for good? There are various avenues to explore. Today, we’ll focus on disputing negative marks in credit reports. In essence, you identify mistakes present in your reports. Then, challenge the reporting bureaus to prove their accuracy. If not, they remove them, and your scores increase.

You don’t need a fancy lawyer challenging your disputes. But working with credit repair companies saves time and headaches. Fixing credit is their sole mission.

Top 7 Best Credit Repair Companies of 2021

Now is the best time to fix your credit! Experian noted that average credit scores improved in 2020 to reach an all-term high of 710. The positive development occurred despite COVID-19. Selecting a great company requires a bit of market experience and industry know-how. Our editorial team has done all the homework and recommends the following list of credit repair companies:

  1. Lexington Law – Best for Attorney-backed Repair
  2. Credit Saint – Best for reliable & Trusted Services
  3. Sky Blue Credit Repair – Best money-back guarantee & features
  4. CreditRepair.com – Best tech & reporting
  5. The Credit Pros – Best value
  6. The Credit People – Best affordability
  7. Ovation Credit Services – Best for personalized disputes & services

Are you in a rush? We recommend spending a few minutes learning about each credit repair company. See their best features and pricing ranges in a quick overview:

Lexington Law


Market Experience: 17 years

Service Guarantee: No

Free Consultation: Yes

BBB Rating: Not Accredited

Costs: $89.85 – $129.95

Main Office: North Salt Lake, Utah


  • The #1 credit repair mobile app
  • Over 56 million negative items removed since 2004
  • Over 500,000 users
  • Gold award dotCOMM 2018 Awards


  • Intuitive credit repair mobile app
  • The lawyer-driven credit repair process
  • Military, veteran, and couple discounts
  • Comprehensive credit repair resources
  • Highly rated, trusted, and transparent


  • Complains about the billing process
  • No explicit communication on when to stop subscribing
  • No service guarantee

Lexington Law tops our list of the best credit repair companies in 2021. Upon visiting their site, you quickly learn that they stand behind their success. They managed over 1.5 million removals in 2019 and 56 million removals since 2004. Thousands access their services through their modern app. It’s highly reviewed and full of valuable features like score tracking.

You start with a free credit consultation. After providing your details, they pull your reports and provide an expert recommendation. If there are above-average errors, they recommend their services.

We like that Lexington credit repair law firm offers a lawyer-led credit dispute process. You can verify the professionals working behind the scenes from their info section. Other value-added services include:

  • Score analysis;
  • ReportWatch;
  • TransUnion® alerts;
  • Cease & desist letters’
  • FICO® score tracker;
  • Identity protection;
  • Personal finance tools.

As a beginner, the free educational resources are invaluable. They explain credit repair laws and share tips on fixing and building credit.

Why Choose Lexington Law

Lexington Law is one of the few credit repair companies offering a lawyer-driven process. Therefore, it’s ideal for customers looking for attorney-backed repair. Now, this does not mean that each customer will be working directly with an attorney. They may only intervene in complex cases or dispute escalation.

What we didn’t like

We found the packages to be fair and consistent with other top credit repair agencies. But the basic package at $89 is wanting. You only get bureau challenges and creditor interventions. Most notably, you miss out on score analysis, TransUnion alerts, and the FICO score tracker. They seem to push the most expensive option at $129.

On the positive side, veterans and active military members get a 50% discount on the first-work fee. For couples signing up together, one spouse also qualifies for a 50% one-time discount.

Lexington Law doesn’t offer a service guarantee. The biggest complaint is, in fact, from customers that paid for the service but didn’t see results. In this case, they don’t get any discount.

Trust 5
Technology 5
Affordability 4
Features 5
Average Score 4.75

Credit Saint, LLC

Credit Saint

Market Experience: 17 years (since 2004)

Service Guarantee: Yes

Free Consultation: Yes

BBB Rating: A

Costs: $79.99 to $119.99

Main Office: Oakland, NJ


  • BBB accredited with no outstanding claims
  • Over 15 years experience
  • Unmatched 90-day Money Back Protection.


  • Free credit evaluation
  • Score tracker and analysis in the lowest package
  • Good market reputation
  • Custom arguments and comprehensive reporting


  • High initial work fee (from $99 to $195 as per package)
  • Lacks a mobile app

Credit Saint may not have the best-looking site. They don’t even have an ultra-modern mobile app like Lexington Law. But, you’ll often find them taunted as the best credit repair company. That’s because they offer guaranteed credit repair services. You don’t have to worry about poor services. The 90-day money-back protection keeps your money safe.

We appreciate that they file custom arguments. Their $79 package includes score analysis and score tracker through CreditSquad.com.

You only pay if you need the services. During the free consultation, an analyst checks your reports. They collaborate with you to spot suspicious entries. After the removals, customers receive extra advice about strategies to bolster credit scores.

We ultimately like their level of care and dedication to customer satisfaction. In reviews, people mention individual company reps by name, revealing their personal touch. They praise them for being patient, supportive, informative, and understanding.

Why Choose Credit Saint

Credit Saint is reputed for having the most effective services. It boasts of many 5-star reviews. The service has an A BBB rating and has been officially accredited. So, it’s one of the top credit repair companies for reliable and trusted services.

What we didn’t like

The basic package includes 5 challenges to each bureau per the dispute cycle (one month). Some repair agencies offer more. The initial work fee is pretty high. They charge $99 for the $79 package and $195 for the $119 clean slate package.

On the positive side, Credit Saint is transparent about the number of challenges. Some companies don’t communicate this information.

The company seems to lag in its tech and tools. For instance, they don’t have a mobile application and outsource credit monitoring. While an online portal allows you to track dispute timelines, it’s less convenient than an app.

Trust 5
Technology 4
Affordability 4
Features 5
Average Score 4.5

Sky Blue Credit Repair

sky blue credit repair

Market Experience: 32 years (1989)

Service Guarantee: Yes

Free Consultation: Yes

BBB Rating: Not Accredited

Costs: One package at $79

Main Office: Boca Raton, Florida


  • No obligation 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Many extra repair services at no cost
  • Simple pricing


  • Pro analysis to find hard-to-spot credit disputes
  • Customized dispute letters
  • No questions asked, money-back promise
  • Plenty of extra services
  • Straightforward pricing one package


  • Disputes limited to 15 per month
  • Don’t credit monitoring services

With Sky Blue Credit, forget the complicated pricing packages. You pay one price at $79 per month for credit repair. The bundle includes extra services such as:

  • Credit rebuilding guidance;
  • Debt validation;
  • Goodwill letters to creditors
  • Stop & desist letters to debt collectors.

They will remove up to 5 items per bureau monthly. The company customizes disputes for a higher chance of success. The 90-day guarantee is explicit and no-obligatory. You receive a full refund if you’re not satisfied for any reason. The great thing is a single deletion doesn’t void the refund policy.

We also like their commitment to going beyond the norm. Sky Blue doesn’t analyze your reports on a surface-level. They focus on hard-to-spot issues, making them one of the best-rated credit repair companies.

While they are not BBB accredited, they have a 4.27/5 rating, which is high on all standards. We found words such as “honest and legit” to feature in many reviews.

Sky Blue addresses complaints cautiously. In one case, a customer was not satisfied by the number of removals. The company reached out and refunded all payments upon request. They are also upfront about the best time to stop paying for the service.

Why Choose Sky Blue

Sky Blue stands out among other credit repair companies because of its no-obligation 90-day guarantee. Customers simply receive their refund if they are not satisfied for any reason. It also has a well-price singles plan for just $79 and includes all the extra interventions.

What we didn’t like

Sky Blue Credit doesn’t offer credit monitoring. So, you pay for third-party services to track changes in scores following removals. There is no mobile app, and dispute tracking takes place through the online portal. They restrict disputes to a total of 15 per billing cycle.

Trust 5
Technology 2
Affordability 5
Features 5
Average Score 4.25



Market Experience: 9 years (2012)

Service Guarantee: No

Free Consultation: Yes

BBB Rating: Not Accredited

Costs: $69.95 to $119.95

Main Office: West Valley City, UT


  • FICO Score tracker
  • Innovative InquiryManager™ tool
  • More than 1.8 million removals


  • Quick and free online credit evaluation
  • Comprehensive credit repair education, both video & text
  • Mobile apps to track removals, current challenges, and creditor inventions
  • TransUnion credit monitoring


  • No custom arguments
  • No service guarantee or refunds

The first thing we like about Creditrepair.com is their well-laid out website. It shares important facts about the service and is not confusing. You’ll learn about their three-step process. First, they pull credit reports and analyze existing errors. With the InquiryManager™ tool, you advise why the company should challenge the error. The tool asks about any life-changing events around each negative item. It’s a breeze to use.

Creditrepair.com doesn’t hide statistics about their service. On average, they state that clients experience a 7% reduction in negative items each month.

We also like the in-app mobile experience. You can track the submitted challenges and membership progress. They report on key performance measures like total removals, creditor interventions, and ongoing fillings. Don’t have space for apps on your device? They offer a personal online dashboard and text & email alerts.

Among the best credit repair services, their education section is extensive. You access an entire article library covering credit issues, debt, and identity theft. Their short YouTube videos answer common credit questions in mere seconds. The company is active on social media with 100,000+ followers on Facebook.

Why Choose CreditRepair.com

Creditrepair.com leads the field with its extensive tech options. Customers access a well-developed customer portal to monitor progress and submit any correspondence. They can also receive alerts through mobile apps and text. With a range of other personal tools, it’s the best choice for tech features and easy progress tracking.

What we didn’t like

Creditrepair.com has three pricing packages: Advanced ($111.95), Standard ($99.95), and Direct ($69.95). Each package has a corresponding first work fee. We don’t like that they are not clear on the number of disputes included for each package. They only say how aggressive they are.

They don’t seem to tailor services for each unique case. You may miss out on the closeness of working with a credit repair professional on a one-to-one basis.

While they highlight customer reviews on their platform, these are only positive reviews. You need to analyze external reviews for a complete picture. On their BBB.org profile, most complaints revolve around the quality of the service. But dissatisfied customers don’t receive refunds as they lack a service guarantee.

Trust 4
Technology 5
Affordability 4
Features 4
Average Score 4.25

The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros

Market Experience: 12 years (2009)

Service guarantee: Not clear

Free consultation: Yes

BBB Rating: A+

Costs: $69 to $149

Main office: Newark, NJ


  • Team of FICO certified experts
  • Advanced AI-driven credit monitoring and management system
  • Good extras: Identity theft protection, bill reminders, etc.


  • Lots of positive feedback from early users
  • FICO certified experts driven
  • Tailored & personalized services tailored
  • An advanced credit monitoring system
  • Trusted with A+ BBB Rating


  • No service guarantee
  • No mobile app monitoring

Founded by credit expert Jason Kaplan, The Credit Pros leads in tech-driven credit repair and management. But this doesn’t mean that they automate their processes. You’ll work in tandem with FICO experts to develop action plans.

For $69, The Credit Pros will send unlimited dispute letters. Their basic package also includes cease-and-desist, debt validation, and goodwill letters. That’s not all. It has other extras such as bill reminders, ID protection, and TransUnion monitoring.

Their prosperity package at $119/month includes the SlashRx Prescription Savings Card. And for $149/month, they offer a National Credit Direct account for financing with bad credit. Do customers need these extras? Well, no. You’re okay with the basic “Money Management package.”

We also like their mobile apps because of features such as:

  • Credit repair progress tracking;
  • Real-time, 24-7 credit alerts;
  • Up-to-date reports;
  • Exclusive credit education videos.

Among the legitimate credit repair companies, their value is terrific.

Why Choose The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros is the best choice for anyone looking for credit repair companies with the most affordable packages. That’s because, at only $69 per month, their Money Management package includes unlimited custom challenges, ID protection, and creditor interventions.

What we didn’t like

Their website is not clear about their value proposition and credit repair process. You may feel that the top goal is not helping customers remove negative marks from reports.

Another major point of contention is the lack of a service guarantee. We found complaints from paying customers who didn’t see noticeable improvements. Some sources claim that they offer a money-back guarantee. But it’s not made clear on their “Guarantee” page.

While they are BBB accredited, they have closed about 33 complaints in the last 12 months with a low rating of 2.68/5. Before, they were a pay-per-deletion credit repair. They switched to a monthly billing system to the dissatisfaction of some users.

Trust 3
Technology 4
Affordability 5
Features 4
Average Score 4

The Credit People

The Credit People

Market Experience: 20 years (2001)

Service Guarantee: Yes

Free Consultation: Yes

BBB Rating: Not Accredited

Costs: $79

Main Office: Cottonwood Heights, UT


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Trusted by over 100,000 users
  • Results in just 60 days


  • Lowest first work fee
  • One package pricing with a low setup fee
  • Free score and progress reporting
  • Pursues other avenues of improving credit
  • Unlimited disputes


  • No mobile app
  • Not BBB accredited

The Credit People comes across as an approachable and friendly credit repair website. They reflect this in their imaging and communications.

We like the $79 one-package offer with unlimited disputes. The first setup fee is also lower than other companies at $19. On average, customers stay with them for 6 months. So, they offer flat pricing for 6-months of service. At $419, you get to save $74.

Customers enjoy an excellent satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with their services, you may cancel at any time. They will not bill for the current month’s services and refund the last month’s payment. The flat-rate membership also includes a full money-back guarantee.

Their “US Vs. Them” page on their website highlights more perks of their service. They guarantee no hidden fees for ordering copies of your credit reports. Customers also enjoy extra benefits, including employee assistance, credit interventions, and debt validation.

The website also provides credit repair articles, toolkits, regulations, videos, and infographics. We also like their “Score-Driven Results®” promise. It means they will use other methods in an attempt to raise their client’s credit scores. Customers have commended their service team. They even offer a toll-free service line, showing their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Why Choose The Credit People

The Credit People charges a review fee of $19, while other credit repair companies charge upwards of $70 for the initial setup. The pay-as-you-go package goes for $79 per month, making it a very affordable credit repair provider.

What we didn’t like

While they mention various teams working on behalf of the clients, we don’t see or meet these experts. There is no app for monitoring credit disputes or scores. You’ll need to use the online portal.

What have other users said about them? Most of the reviews are positive. And complaints are from customers that didn’t see their credit scores improve. It’s a common complaint that affects all the best credit repair services.

Trust 5
Technology 3
Affordability 4
Features 4
Average Score 4

Ovation Credit Services

Ovation Credit Services

Market Experience: 45 Years

Service Guarantee: No

Free Consultation: Yes

BBB Rating: A+

Costs: $79 – $109

Main Office: Jacksonville, Florida


  • Personalized dispute options
  • Associated with Lending Tree


  • A solid reputation and highly experienced
  • One-on-one assistance from a personal case advisor
  • Fast Track Service with no wait times
  • Discount programs for couples, referees, military, and seniors


  • No mobile apps
  • No refunds

Ovation Credit offers comprehensive and personalized credit repair services. Customers will work on a one-to-one basis with various experts. On the first consultation, a Credit Analyst reviews your financial background and reports. They gauge if their services can help. Next, the Personal Advisor takes over the dispute process. They reveal available dispute options and share extra credit improvement tips.

Disputes are handled through their electronic Dispute Manager System. You receive updates on the personal case management portal or via email.

We like their discounts—including $50-off for customers switching from other credit repair companies. Referrals to friends or families can earn a $30 or $50 credit. Couples get up to 20% discount. Military members and seniors also receive a 10% discount.

Ovation innovated same-day services through their Fast Track Service. The company is proudly associated with Lending Tree, an online lending marketplace.

Why Choose Ovation Credit Services

While many credit repair companies will claim to offer personalized services, Ovation lives up to its promise. They even author official recommendation letters to assist clients when dealing with future lenders. Each client works with a case advisor.

What we didn’t like

They claim that their services are affordable. Well, the basic package, labeled “Essentials,” goes for $79 per month with a first-time work free of $89. It’s not the most affordable option on this list.

The second package is $109 per month. Will you need it? It includes:

  • Unlimited debt validation challenges;
  • Ovation Recommendation Letters to creditors;
  • Transunion Credit Monitoring.

Pricing differs per state, and it may not mean paying the advertised rate.

We don’t like the lack of refunds. Their service guarantee is only a promise that they will try their best. On the positive side, if you cancel before the billing date, they will not charge for the given month.

Online, Ovation has mixed reviews. They maintain a 3.8/5 rating on their Google Reviews and have been BBB accredited since 2004.

Trust 4
Technology 3
Affordability 4
Features 4
Average Score 3.75

Other Good Credit Repair Companies

The first list encompassed some of the best-rated credit repair companies. There are thousands of smaller and local firms. Our experts reviewed the credit repair companies in this category to reveal the following list of other stellar services:


Market Experience: 23 years+

Service Guarantee: No

Free Consultation: Yes

BBB Rating: Not Accredited

Costs: from $49.99

Main Office: Corpus Christi, TX

Website: www.creditfirm.net

Pros Cons
Long market experience Poor Trustpilot Rating
Access to credit consultants & attorneys No service guarantee
Free credit repair action plan
Low monthly fees

Creditfirm.net is one of the few credit repair companies that provide a lawyer-driven credit repair process. It has operated since 1997. Over the years, they have served over 60,000 clients.

Why Choose CreditFirm.net

Credit firm net has a mission to provide the best customer service at an affordable price. Starting at only $49.99, the firm offers in-depth legal credit audits, unlimited challenges, and unrestricted creditor interventions. Their value is unmatched.

Credit Assistance Network

Market Experience: 17 years +

Service Guarantee: Yes

Free Consultation: Yes

BBB Rating: Not Accredited

Costs: $50 & $75 per deletion

Main Office: Boca Raton, Florida

Website: www.creditagenda.com

Pros Cons
Access to certified credit experts Not as many reviews
Chex system resolutions Lacks a modern website & personal tools
1-to-1 credit coaching
Up to 45 items per cycle

Credit Assistance Network is confident that it will help customers resolve all credit issues. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 90 days. Customers also work on a one-to-one basis with certified credit experts.

Why choose The Credit Assistance Network

It’s among the few credit repair companies that charge per item deletion fees. New customers pay an initial analysis fee of $179, $75 for the deletion of public entries, and $50 for other negative items.

Credit Glory

Market Experience: 5 years +

Service Guarantee: Yes

Free Consultation: Yes

BBB Rating: A+

Costs: $99

Main Office: New York, NY

Website: www.creditglory.com

Pros Cons
90-day money-back assurance Doesn’t offer full refunds
Numerous positive reviews Not as many years of credit experience
Trusted repair brand
Renowned for excellent customer service

Credit Glory is a Fair Isaac Corporation, and one of the fastest-growing credit repair companies. The company has offices throughout the country. Most services are offered online with customers monitoring their service through an online portal.

Why choose Credit Glory

CreditGlory is a top alternative for credit repair companies that charge per deletion. For example, customers can pay $79 for single removals or a recurring rate of $99 per month with a review fee of $199.

Pinnacle Credit Repair

Market Experience: 5 years +

Service Guarantee: Yes

Free Consultation: Yes

BBB Rating: Not Accredited

Costs: $499 & $1500

Main Office: New York, NY

Website: pinnaclecreditrepair.com

Pros Cons
Fast-track service High initial costs
Dispute filing after two weeks
120-day satisfaction guarantee
Personalized credit mentoring

Pinnacle Credit Repair distinguishes itself from the best credit repair companies by offering fast-tracked services. They send disputes every two weeks. Other credit repair companies challenge credit bureaus after 30 to 35 days. The company also utilizes automatic credit analytical technology to analyze negative items.

Why choose Pinnacle Credit Repair

In reviews, people have expressed that they selected the company to get fast results. Most customers also work one-on-one with the company’s founder, Andrew Nguyen.

Pyramid Credit Repair

Market Experience: 10 years +

Service Guarantee: Yes

Free Consultation: Yes

BBB Rating: Not Accredited

Costs: $99

Main Office: New York, NY

Website: pyramidcreditrepair.com

Pros Cons
Personal case managers Lacks free educational & credit tools
Personalized custom disputes Not as popular
Very flexible billings with pause & postpone
No contracts, pay-as-you-go

Founded in 2011, Pyramid Credit Repair set out to restore faith in credit repair companies by offering honest services. Their first product was a self-help program. Today, customers work with case advisors and track progress through an online portal.

Why choose Pyramid Credit Repair

It’s a great choice for credit repair companies with single-plan pricing at just $99. They also stand out by offering 24/7 phone support. Customers are also covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

AMB Credit Consultants

Market Experience: 14 years +

Service Guarantee: No

Free Consultation: Yes

BBB Rating: Not Accredited

Costs: $99

Main Office: Dallas, TX

Website: ambcreditconsultants.com

Pros Cons
Friendly and personable credit advisors No service guarantees
Lengthy market experience
Highly rated by past customers

AMB Credit Consultants is one of the top credit repair companies in Texas, and also serves customers across the country. Their mission is to impact good credit decision-making that lasts a lifetime.

Why choose AMB Credit consultants

AMB Credit Consultants stands out among other credit repair companies because it looks at the big picture. It’s evident in several aspects of the service, for instance, preparing personalized action plans and offering credit mentoring.

Credit Monkey

Market Experience: 2 years +

Service Guarantee: Yes

Free Consultation: Yes

BBB Rating: Not Accredited

Costs: $99

Main Office: Beverly Hills, CA

Website: creditmonkey.com

Pros Cons
Free credit rebuilding programs Relatively new
Highly personalized services
Bonded and registered in California
Text notifications

Founded in 2019, Credit monkey has become one of the fastest-growing credit repair companies. The company has challenged over 1.2 million disputes. New customers can get started with a free 10-minute credit analysis session.

Why choose Credit Monkey

The Credit Monkey has joined the bandwagon of credit repair companies offering simple, single plan pricing at just $99. It also backs up its service with a guarantee. Customers can ask for refunds if there have been fewer than three removals within 6 months.

Credit Versio

Market Experience: 2 years +

Service Guarantee: N/A

Free Consultation: N/A

BBB Rating: Not Accredited

Costs: $19.95 – $29.99

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Website: www.creditversio.com

Pros Cons
No need for credit repair companies Untested technology
Pulls credit reports automatically Lacks market experience
Plans inclusive of ID protection

Credit Versio offers an online disputing system that analyzes client reports for potential dispute items. The software automatically prepares potential dispute letters. At most, customers will only need to pay for postage.

Why choose Credit Versio

The service is ideal for people that don’t want to hire credit repair companies but want some assistance in preparing disputes. It may be a way to save money as their core package goes for $19.95 with ID protection & insurance.

Comparison of the Best Credit Repair Companies

Which are the top credit repair companies? The following table provides a quick snapshot of each company’s BBB rating, costs, and availability of a service guarantee. Note that some of the best credit repair companies may not be officially BBB accredited but may have ratings.

Company BBB Rating* Costs Service Guarantee
Lexington Law C, Not Accredited $89.85 – $129.95 No
Credit Saint A, Accredited $79.99 to $119.99 90-day
Sky Blue Credit Repair A+, Not Accredited $79 90-day
CreditRepair.com D, Not Accredited $69.95 to $119.95 No
The Credit Pros A+, Accredited $69 to $149 No
The Credit People C+, Not Accredited $79 30-day
Ovation Credit Services A+, Accredited $79 – $109 No

*BBB Ratings are subject to change.

What Is Credit Repair?

Credit repair refers to fixing or mending damaged credit by correcting any wrongful information in credit reports. Negative marks or negative items refer to bad things that hurt credit ratings. They may include late payments, liens, bankruptcies, repossessions, charge-offs, judgments, negative settlements, etc. Records of late payments also qualify for removal.

Where do mistakes come from in the first place? Well, creditors report information on open credit accounts. The reporting process is prone to errors. That’s where you get startling facts, like 79% of reports have errors. About one person in five has a grave/material error in their report that can disqualify them from loans.

Sometimes you’re not entirely at fault. Credit fraud or identity theft may introduce errors in your credit reports.

What can I do to clean up my reports?

At this point, you may be fuming and even thinking of pursuing legal action. Well, it’s possible to sue a reporting agency for negligence if they don’t remove errors within two years of discovering them. But there are better alternatives. You may point out the problem and have it fixed. You can work with a credit repair law firm or file personal disputes.

By challenging wrongful entries, credit bureaus must review and confirm the accuracy of negative items. Accurate negative marks are not possible to remove. But they don’t stick around forever. Chapter 12 & 13 Bankruptcies, judgments, or collections have a shelf-life of about 7 years. Chapter 7 & 11 Bankruptcies are the longest-living negative items at 10 years.

Heavily-indebted customers may choose to work with debt repair & negotiation services. Once they strike deals with creditors, they may agree to remove records of collections and outstanding debts.

How Do Credit Repair Companies Work?

Curious about the methods employed by credit repair companies? Well, they don’t have any unique processes. They can’t create a “new credit identity” or dispute legally-accurate claims.

The companies rely on the procedure outlined in Chapter 611 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It requires the CRBs to delete inaccurate or unverifiable information. Similarly, they must give consumers notice of any deletions from their files. That’s why most repair firms inform customers to expect updated reports from the bureaus within 60 days of signing up for their services. We found the following steps to be consistent for the credit fixing companies we reviewed:

Step 1: Free consultation

All customers qualify for the free consultation. The company will need your credit reports to analyze for errors. Credit reporting bureaus like Experian only offer one free report annually. But don’t worry about paying for reports! Most repair companies derive the scores and credit summary for free, thanks to partnerships with third-party services. Some credit repair companies also offer free action plans during the free consultation.

The initial session presents the best opportunity to interview credit repair firms. Consider asking about their service or refund policy. Ask about how soon customers start seeing results. The responses from the customer reps can reveal a lot about a company’s dedication to quality customer service. If they seem rushed and impatient, they may show the same attitude when offering paid services.

Step 2: Report analysis

Many credit repair companies offer an initial free report analysis. But it’s just an overview to reveal common errors. After customers sign up for paid services, they carry out a comprehensive review. The company may also pull all the reports if they did not do so during the initial inquiry. To deal with many requests, some companies have innovated advanced credit analysis programs. We like companies that offer personalized services, however. You receive guidance on the best errors to dispute and an action plan.

Step 3: Challenging

On your behalf, they write letters challenging inaccurate negative items. The burden of proof falls on the reporting agency. Now, the credit bureaus don’t have the original data. They must contact the information furnishers such as creditors and public information sources. So, the original creditor has to counter-check their records and confirm the accuracy of the entry.

Bureaus have 30 to 45 days to complete the investigations. That’s why reputable credit repair services don’t promise instant credit repair.

On average, customers see changes after 60 days. As re-investigations become more automated, they are taking less time. TransUnion states that they conclude most investigations within 2 weeks.

Step 4: Credit management & guidance

As part of extra services, the top repair companies may offer pointers to improve your credit. Many companies now send debt validation and Goodwill intervention letters. A validation letter comes in handy when consumers are suspicious about the amount demanded by debt collectors. Goodwill intervention letters ask for the voluntary removal of factual entries from credit reports.

Now, many credit repair companies include creditor interventions in more pricey packages. Not every customer needs the extra services, and it’s possible to ask for debt validation or Goodwill removals without any paid assistance.

Is credit repair a one-time fee? Most companies have monthly billing cycles. That’s because they challenge a set number of errors each month. By law, they can’t charge upfront before showing proof of results. So, most companies charge at the end of the month. But the one-time review or setup fee is applicable typically at signup or within the first week.

DIY or Credit Repair Agencies?

It’s possible to do everything without any help, and CRBs have made it easier. Still, repairing credit can be tricky, tedious, and lengthy. That’s why some people feel the need to hire the best credit repair agencies.

The firms don’t use any special techniques to challenge the bureaus. However, they are highly experienced and know the best ways to achieve successful outcomes. An agency will be motivated and not easily give up if challenges fail. Customers should only seek help from credit repair companies if their budget allows it.

You don’t need to pay to fix credit. DIY credit repair is not hard to figure out. Head over to YouTube, and you’ll find plenty of tutorials. The process will entail:

  • Ordering copies of credit reports;
  • Analyzing the reports for inconsistencies;
  • Disputing errors in the reports (sending disputes online is free; you may also call or mail);
  • Reaching out to creditors and asking them to fix errors from their side.

Can my bank help me fix my credit? Well, it’s beyond their scope, but if errors arise from their reporting, contact them.

Why hire a credit repair agency instead of a DIY approach? Let’s start with the issue of time: Hiring a trusted credit repair company frees your time.

Agencies provide access to credit experts who spend their time resolving credit issues. They will have the right experience and knowledge when preparing custom disputes. Agencies dangle extra services, for instance, credit monitoring or sending letters to creditors. Free credit repair services are also impossible to come by.

Tips to Choose a Credit Repair Company

Choosing a credit repair company may seem like a complicated task. Well, it shouldn’t be. Here are tips to use:

Tip 1: Analyze the pricing packages

Most firms will have more than one pricing plan. Weighing the available options can be confusing. The first thing to ask is: what are you getting for the price point? It’s helpful to compare the features available for each package. You may ask if they have enough features than their next competitor. The package should also cover all your needs. For many errors, it’s expedient to choose an affordable service with unlimited disputes.

Tip 2: Check if they are affordable

When assessing the affordability of professional services, consider the initial setup fee. For instance, pay-for-deletion credit repair companies may seem more affordable than subscription-based services. However, they may charge a high review fee.

Don’t pay through the nose for credit repair services! There is no special dispute removal process that companies offer. You pay for convenience, credit-guidance, and their time-saving features. Spending more doesn’t promise better results.

Tip 3: Read the credit repair company reviews from past customers

Unsatisfied customers may be more likely to leave negative reviews than happy customers. Popular credit repair companies garner negative reviews. The primary source of discontentment revolves around customers not seeing results as fast as they expect. Similarly, many customers complain about no deletions. It all boils down to a matter of time. That’s why results should be expected in 60 days or so.

Does this imply not to trust reviews? Well, no. Check them out. They reveal the major pitfalls of the service, and some findings may be deal breaks. Reviews are not straightforward to find. Check places such as BBB.org, TrustPilot, or app pages for genuine reviews. The company’s response to negative reviews provides both sides of the story. So, don’t rush into a judgment.

Tip 4: Check for the quality of their customer support

The company culture and personable approach matter when working with a credit repair company. You need to work with someone that puts the needs of customers first. To evaluate their level of service, try calling their support number. Are their waiting times too long? Have they outsourced their customer support? Do the reps attempt to offer personable and helpful services?

Consider other subtleties. An agency with a toll-free customer care number may reveal its commitment to help customers save money in any way. Service guarantees mean that the company stands behind its work. They don’t want to worsen your financial situation while offering unsatisfactory services.

Agencies with one-package pricing with all the features may be better than companies with multiple packages with minor distinctions among them. Lastly, check if they assign a personal case manager to each customer. People like to have real-human intervention throughout the process.

Tip 5: Look for tell-tell signs of a scammy service

Scammy services often use deceptive practices to lure unsuspecting customers. Fortunately, it’s easy to stop them in their tracks by being extra careful. Avoid marked-up services promising 100% bad credit removal or new legal identities. Watch out for claims such as “fast credit repair for a mortgage.” Companies that charge upfront before rendering any services are also scammy. Look for other questionable behaviors like requests to include false information in disputes. If the deal is too good, it’s probably “too good.”

Tip 6: Check for a service guarantee & non-performance events

The best credit repair companies stand behind their work by offering a money-back promise. But don’t get lured in because a company offers service guarantees. For instance, they may be offering a 90-day guarantee, but only if there have been no removals.

Some providers, such as Sky Blue, have a no-obligation satisfaction guarantee that’s applicable even if there have been removals. It’s offered as long as the customer is not satisfied.

Tip 7: Don’t be afraid to cancel during the cooling-off period

The Credit Repair Organisations Act requires companies to provide a three-day cooling-off. So, if a service doesn’t seem suitable after signing up, take advantage of this period to cancel without any penalties.

Similarly, consider services that don’t limit customers to long-term contracts. The website should state that there are no contracts or mention pay-as-you-go. Some credit repair companies even allow customers to cancel before the end of the billing period without any charges for the given month.

Credit Repair Companies Alternatives

Many people would wish to hire credit repair companies to challenge the CRBs on their behalf. It’s the easiest route. However, not everyone has the budget to hire paid help. Which other alternatives are available?

  1. Credit counseling from non-profits – Several nonprofits provide counseling to people dealing with debt or impacted by bad credit. They may provide free consultations that last for about 30 minutes. For additional help, the organizations may ask customers to enroll in monthly paid plans.
  2. Seeking help from a friend or relative – Consider asking for help from close friends or relatives. You may discover that someone you know is a self-taught credit repair specialist.
  3. Electronic disputing – Use the online dispute centers provided by the credit bureaus to submit challenges. While the online centers lack the flexibility of drafting custom letters, it’s a viable method to save a lot of time and effort.
  4. Reporting errors to original creditors – Creditors may correct wrongful information they previously reported after notifying them. Experts still recommend challenging both the information furnishers and CRBs for better outcomes.
  5. Self-help credit repair programs – Using online credit repair software can save on costs. The programs automatically pull reports from the bureaus, analyze negative entries, and offer guidance in preparing custom disputes.

How We Rated Credit Repair Companies

To compile the list of the best credit repair companies, we focused on reputable and established brands. They had to have demonstrated industry expertise and reliability. We were big on technology and tools that made the customer experience more intuitive. That’s why Lexington Law came out on top with their excellent mobile app.

While affordability and range of features were essential, most companies had similar pricing. So, what were the best low-cost credit repair companies? The Credit Pros and The Credit People had the most features for their price points. We reported if the services were BBB accredited, but this didn’t impact the rating. The accreditation doesn’t rely on customer reviews or accurately portray the quality of the company’s services. We also factored in the site’s usability.

Our rankings considered if the companies were offering quality credit repair education. We were also big on services that provided an expert-led process. Lexington Law came out on top with its lawyer-driven process. It was also necessary if the companies provided custom arguments.

For the “Trust Score,” we considered various things. We checked if companies were transparent about their results and “claims.” We also weighed in customer feedback, years of experience, and professionalism.

Conclusion: Are Credit Repair Companies Worth it?

We set out to compile a list of good credit repair companies and found seven stellar firms. They are all individually-renown for providing the best services for many years. Remain skeptical about companies that lure customers with promises of guaranteed results.

Now, this is not a definitive list of all repair companies. If you can’t find a good match, explore other alternatives. Above all, have the right expectations when exploring credit repair. No one knows the final verdict of the credit reporting bureaus about a particular matter.

From past experience in the repairs market, we can definitely say that credit repair companies are worth their salt. Customers simply delegate the work of reviewing and challenging questionable negative items. The top-rated credit repair companies go the extra mile by trying other ways to build better credit habits.


The CROA is part of the consumer credit protection act, and it governs the activities of credit fixing services. It prohibits the services from demanding advanced payments. Its introduction also brought much-needed integrity to the industry by prohibiting questionable practices such as false advertising.

The FTC has aggressively gone after credit repair companies that breach the provisions of the credit repair organizations act. There is an ongoing case with Progrexion Holding, Inc, accused of violating the telemarketing sales rules.

According to our verdict, Lexington Law is the best credit repair service on the market right now. They score massive points for their trust and reliability, and their monthly subscriptions are not too expensive. Customers can track improvements through their award-winning mobile applications. Most people have had positive experiences with them.

On average, most customers stay with credit repair services for 6 months. When the repair agency files a dispute on your behalf, the credit bureaus respond within 30 to 45 days.

Most repair companies state that customers will see changes in 45 to 60 days. Simple issues are dealt with promptly. Complex issues warrant in-depth examinations, and reporting agencies may ask for more documentation.

The top credit repair companies offer monthly packages. We found that the industry average was about $79. If you stay with a company for 3 months, you may end up paying $237. A 6-month subscription may cost $474 without factoring in the first work fee.

Yes, credit repair services are legitimate. You may ask: why am I finding such bad reviews about these services? Well, there is often a mismatch of expectations. Even the best credit repair company can’t erase your credit history and give you a clean slate to build on.

Credit bureaus only remove negative items if they are inaccurate, unsubstantiated, or unverified. Negative items caused by divorce, medical debt, student loans, or identity theft also have a higher probability of removal.

Thousands of people have successfully used credit repair services and seen improvements. It’s critical to have all the facts before signing up for a repair credit score service. They should render an honest conclusion about your case before asking for signups.

Wondering if it’s worth it to pay for credit repair? Consider it as an investment in your future. And it’s an investment that may pay off in thousands of dollars in savings. For instance, say you fix a late payment and get an increase of 110 points. When applying for a $100,000 mortgage for a term of 10 years for a rate that’s 2% cheaper because of good credit, you can save more than $10,000.

Gerald Dunigan
Gerald Dunigan

Gerald is the founder and editor-in-chief of CreditFixed.com. Over 13 years of experience in credit repair companies and finance. Each text is published after its detailed proofreading