Sky Blue Credit Repair Review

By Gerald Dunigan
Best money-back guarantee & features
sky blue credit repair Sign up
  • No obligation 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Many extra repair services at no cost
  • Friendly & locally-based customer support
  • Intuitive credit repair system
  • Simple pricing
  • Trust5
  • Technology2
  • Affordability4
  • Features5
  • Total Score4
  • Market Experience: 32 years
  • Service Guarantee: Yes
  • Free Consultation: Yes
  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Costs: $79
  • Main Office: Boca Raton, Florida
  • Pro analysis to find hard-to-spot credit disputes
  • Customized dispute letters
  • No questions asked, money-back promise
  • Plenty of extra services
  • Straightforward pricing one package
  • A 35-day disputing cycle, which is regarded as fast
  • Disputes limited to 15 per month
  • Don’t credit monitoring services

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Everything about Sky Blue Credit Repair is outstanding! They go above and beyond to amend credit by disputing hard-to-spot negative items. Customers also receive disputes, credit rebuilding guidance, and creditor intervention services in one affordable package.

There is a lot more to love about Sky Blue, including:

Looking for updated Sky Blue Credit Repair reviews 2021? Keep reading to discover all the facts about Sky Blue before signing up.

What Is Sky Blue Credit Repair?

Sky Blue has honed its credit repair skill set since 1989. They now boast of over 30 years of experience. The main office is in Palm Beach County but there are no on-site services. All Sky Blue Credit Repair services are online. Modes of communication include phone, email, or through the user portal.

The company has not been the subject of lawsuits and class actions. We like their strict adherence to regulations of the Credit Repair Organizations Act. For instance, they don’t engage in questionable practices like placing unsolicited calls. They don’t ask customers to pay for their credit services upfront. The bill comes at the end of the month for any services rendered.

How Does Sky Blue Operate?

Sky Blue Credit offers three core services:

Pro Analysis

The service is part of the welcome package. After completing the signup form, Sky Blue obtains credit report copies for free through third-party platforms.

Pro Analysis entails reviewing the reports for potential dispute items. They don’t automate the review process. An expert will examine the reports focusing on hard-to-spot issues. For instance, collection agencies sell off debts. So, two companies may have reported on the same account, impacting the scores.


Sky Blue Company offers “Better Disputes.” They customize disputes and re-disputes for greater success.

Credit Rebuilding Help

Sooner or later, there will be no errors to dispute. Well, Sky Blue doesn’t leave its clients high and dry at the end of their membership. They identify gaps in the credit history and recommend more ways to improve scores. In one Sky Blue Credit Repair review, the customer was happy with the advice to apply for a new line of credit.

There are extra services, but not all customers will need them. The services include:

We like that the company does not push extra services or include them in a pricey package. For instance, cease-and-desist letters are only necessary if a collector is overbearing. A debt validation letter is necessary if the client doubts the accuracy of outstanding debt accounts.

Getting started on the platform is quite easy. Go to their website and sign up. Or check out this video explainer:

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Sky Blue Credit Repair Hours

Looking for the company’s support hours? Well, they operate from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Reach out to their support team during this time.

Pros of Sky Blue

Customers choose Sky Blue for their numerous benefits, including:

90-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked

The offer is as good as it comes. Sky Blue doesn’t place a lot of roadblocks for claiming the refund. Simply put, if the client is not satisfied, they receive their money back.

Decent and honest

Sky Blue is a decent and honest company. Starting off, they offer a straightforward pricing package. They are clear that not everyone needs extra services, and, therefore, they don’t charge for them. Other credit companies may impose a premium on extra and unneeded features.

No pushy salespeople

Wondering if this is a great advantage? It is. With some credit repair companies, people complain that the salespeople come off as pushy. They often don’t want the customer to cancel their subscription and may push expensive packages. Sky Blue doesn’t have a commission-based sales staff. It means receiving better services.

Pause & cancel anytime

Some credit repair companies make it hard for customers to cancel their subscriptions. For instance, they only allow phone cancellations. We have found complaints from people placed on hold for long periods.

Sky Blue is different. It only takes a click of a button to pause the membership. To cancel, just contact them through phone, email, or Message Center.

No hidden fees, upgrades, or surprises

Everything is apparent: The setup fee is $79 and the recurring monthly fee is $79. Credit reports and monitoring are also free. There are no cancellation charges or per diems.

What Positive Things Have People Said About Sky Blue Credit?

Below are recurring phrases sourced from their page and Google Reviews:

Most Sky Blue Repair Reviews are positive. The Sky Blue Credit Repair BBB page has a 4.27/5 rating, a peculiarity on BBB where people mostly voice complaints.

Cons of Sky Blue

Sky Blue is not perfect and has some downsides. They only file five disputes per credit bureau for each reporting cycle *35 days. At this price point, some companies offer unlimited disputes.

We noticed that they don’t have extensive credit education articles or videos. They don’t have mobile apps, either. Their user portal is currently a convenient way to track scores and dispute history. They are not big on social media, and we couldn’t figure out their Facebook or Twitter pages.

Sky Blue Credit Repair Complaints

There have been complaints from past customers. But the nature and subject of the complaints are nothing new. Most customers complain about not seeing questionable items removed from their credit reports.

The great thing about Sky Blue is that they issue refunds to unsatisfied customers. They address complaints with care. We came across an instance where a customer complained about poor services. The representative addressed the issues and issued the refund. The customer received a free month of service and receded their negative review.

Sky Blue Credit Review

What Are Sky Blue Credit Repair Prices?

There is only one pricing package. The initial work fee is $79, paid six days after signing up. For $79 per month, the company will offer the following services:

Does the company issue discounts? There is a couple’s discount for signing up as a duo. It’s only $119 per month. Compared to similar credit repair companies, it’s a generous offer. Many credit companies offer discounts for the initial work fee only.

Alternatives to Sky Blue

We have compared some of the top credit repair companies of 2021 with Sky Blue to show how the company measures up. Use this quick reference to decide the most suitable company:

Credit Saint vs. Sky Blue

Credit Saint and Sky Blue both offer robust guarantee programs. But with Credit Saint, the setup fees are higher, and creditor invention features are only available in the higher packages.

Credit Saint Sky Blue
Years of experience 17 yrs (2004) 32 yrs (1989)
Guarantee 90-day Money-back 90-day Money-back
Pricing range $79.99 – $119.99 $79
Initial work fee $99 – $195 $79
Services Disputes, Score Analysis & monitoring, Creditor Interventions, Experian Monitoring Disputes, Score Analysis & monitoring, Creditor Interventions

Sky Blue vs. Lexington Law

Lexington Law is often taunted as the best credit repair company, but Sky Blue has a comparatively affordable price. While they don’t have mobile apps like Lexington Law, customers won’t need to upgrade to pricer packages to enjoy all the features. What’s more, Sky Blue has a service guarantee.

Lexington Law Sky Blue
Years of experience 17 yrs (2004) 32 yrs (1989)
Guarantee No 90-day Money-back
Pricing range $89.85 – $129.95 $79
Initial work fee $89 – $129 $79
Services Disputes, Score Analysis & monitoring, Creditor Interventions, Finance tools, Identity Protection Disputes, Score Analysis & monitoring, Creditor Interventions vs. Sky Blue offers disputes & credit monitoring at a lower price point. However, they don’t boast of the same market experience and don’t offer a service guarantee. Sky Blue
Years of experience 9 yrs (2012) 32 yrs (1989)
Guarantee No 90-day Money-back
Pricing range $69.95 to $119.95 $79
Initial work fee $69.95 $79
Services Disputes, Score Analysis & monitoring, Creditor Interventions Disputes, Score Analysis & monitoring, Creditor Interventions

Is Sky Blue Credit Repair Worth It?

We can conclude that Sky Blue is worth the time and money. The company has earned our trust owing to its reliability, positive feedback, and a 90-day guarantee. They care about people, and all their practices reveal this truth. There is no pressure to upgrade or the fear of missing out on an advanced package. They track and report progress. There are no roadblocks when it comes to canceling. The Sky Blue Credit repair cost is also affordable.

Our verdict
  • Trust5
  • Technology2
  • Affordability4
  • Features5
  • Total Score4


Sky Blue Credit Repair is an excellent company by all standards. The onboarding process is effortless. Complete the signup form and they will review the credit reports before the dispute process begins. Sky Blue will take other measures to improve creditworthiness. For instance, they recommend the best credit building loans. They state that they are not affiliated with the recommended credit companies.

Customers also receive the best support from friendly and understanding experts. Ahead of purchasing a home, they will stop disputing errors and offer helpful tips to prepare. Refunds are always available, even if they have removed some items.

The company makes it clear in which situations they can assist. Basically, they can remove all inaccuracies ranging from collections to late payments. But the company can’t dispute a legitimate debt. In difficult situations, Sky Blue recommends debt settlement and credit counseling services.

You can dispute errors without any assistance. So, why use their services? Some mistakes are hard to identify without prior knowledge. Credit reporting bureaus may want to avoid verifying some disputes or take lots of time. With their personalized process, they can identify difficult-to-spot mistakes.

There is no minimum length of service. Most customers stay with credit agencies for six months. But this is not a definite schedule. The length of service can be a few months or more than six.

Sky Blue challenges 15 items every 35 days. They claim that their dispute cycle speeds up the repair process. Some competitors send dispute letters to creditors every 45 to 60 days.

The best time to cancel the service may depend on various factors. For instance, it’s suitable to cancel after the dispute items have considerably reduced. Minor errors that don’t have a big impact on scores may be also ignored. When in doubt, ask the support team for help or track the progress report. We like that Sky Blue makes it easy to pause and halt the service at any time.

(800) 790-0445