Ovation Credit Repair Services Review

By Gerald Dunigan

Our rating: 3.75 / 5
Ovation Credit Services Highlights
  • Free Credit Analyst consultation
  • Established by attorneys
  • No charges for mid-term cancellations
  • Personal Case Advisor
  • Fast-tracking

Looking for the latest Ovation credit repair review? We’ll tell you what to expect when working with this repair company, including:

  • Pricing packages and features;
  • Benefits and limitations of the service;
  • No-risk refund policy;
  • Credit disputing process;
  • How to get a free consultation.

The firm is all about custom and personalized help! They set up customers with their credit analysts. You get a sense that you’re working with a modern platform geared towards results.

As a LendingTree company, they have the backing of a strong brand trusted by millions. Here is the official Ovation Credit review 2021:

What are Ovation Credit Repair Services?

It’s an attorney-founded credit repair company with headquarters in Jacksonville, FL. It was Incorporated in 2004 with Terry Cordell as one of the founding members and subsequent president. Their primary objective is offering an affordable credit repair solution, and the company has since served tens of thousands of Americans.

In July 2018, LendingTree acquired the company — it’s a credit marketplace that helps customers find the cheapest loans by obtaining multiple quotes. LendingTree saw the move as an opportunity to assist customers struggling with securing financing.

Ovation was a decisive purchase. Their electronic disputing system was already integrated with credit bureaus. Their case advisors were offering credit improvement education, which was in line with LendingTree’s approach.

How does Ovation Credit Operate?

The service simply disputes negative items on behalf of its clients. The process entails submitting dispute letters to the CRBs. They revealed that 25% of all credit reports might have serious errors that may lead to credit denials. Ovation further reveals that 79% of reports have at least one inaccurate item.

Now, the first step is requesting a free consultation. Clients may call directly or request the evaluation on their website. During this stage, a live agent will call and review the client’s credit reports. They gauge if their services will be a fit based on the client’s financial situation.

After signing up, a Personal Case Advisor will offer additional guidance during the process of identifying errors. They also activate the online Dispute Manager for credit report monitoring and case tracking. Ovation offers personalized dispute options with a custom approach to each negative item. As add-ons, the firm provides same-day services and ID protection.

Benefits of Ovation Credit

The company has a lot of advantages. It has a long track record in credit repair, having been founded by attorneys. Their packages are affordable, at $79 or $109 per month. There are plenty of discounts.

We also uncovered more pros of their service, including:

  • Electronic disputing system – The firm leverages its electronic disputing process for faster and more efficient removals. All disputes are handled online.
  • Real help from credit experts – We highly love their personalized services. A professional credit analyst reviews the client’s report and helps them spot errors. They may also go over personal finances and make further recommendations.
  • Unlimited disputes – On the Essentials plan, the firm offers unlimited challenges. By taking advantage of this offer, there may be more removals in a relatively short time.
  • Recommendation letters – Ovation Credit is part of LendingTree, the leading online credit marketplace. That means that their personal recommendations may carry more weight with potential lenders.

Limitations of Ovation Credit

Most aspects of the service are positive. But we found some areas that need improvement, including:

  • Lacks a clear no-risk refund policy – Ovation states that “refunds” are one of their benefits. But the “Refund Policy” page only discloses no charges for midterm cancellations. Some top repair firms offer up to 90-day money-back guarantees.
  • No mobile apps – Tracking cases and monitoring credit with an app is usually more convenient.
  • No regular updates in the educational section – Their education section is not regularly updated.

Ovation Credit Complaints

There have been many positive Ovation credit repair reviews. But we also wanted to highlight some of their complaints.

On the Ovation Credit Services BBB page, the company has an A+ accreditation. They had 30 complaints closed in the last 12 months, with the most recent complaint on 07/28/2020.

ovation bbb complaints

The customer started on the service approximately two months ago but did not see any change. Ovation responded by offering a discount and expressed that credit repair is not an ultra-fast process. It could take up to 6 to 8 months, with some delays brought about by the COVID-19 crisis. The customer was satisfied with the response.

ovation google reviews

For a complete picture, check out Ovation Credit repair customer reviews on their Google My Business page. Ovation puts the link in their site’s footer section.

Ovation Credit Cost & Packages

Ovation Credit Services offers two pricing packages. Essentials Plus goes for $109 per month. They bill it as their most popular package with the biggest punch. That’s because it includes:

  • Unlimited dispute letters per billing cycle;
  • Unrestricted goodwill letters to creditors asking for voluntary removals;
  • Personalized recommendation letters to future lenders;
  • TransUnion monitoring and alerts following negative item removals;
  • Budgeting, debt management, and other financial tools.

The Essentials plan costs $79 per month and is less aggressive. It includes everything needed to dispute negative items in the credit report:

  • Personal Case Advisor assistance;
  • Access to the innovative electronic disputing system;
  • Personalized disputes guidance.

The plan will not include creditor interventions such as sending goodwill letters. They may not include TransUnion monitoring or unlimited challenges.

Ovation Credit services fees

Ovation Credit services fees include an initial setup fee of $89. There are some add-ons customers can obtain, including:

  • Identity Theft Protection – It costs $25 and offers ongoing monitoring against incidences of ID theft. An unscrupulous person may steal a person’s identity and commit credit fraud. In 2017 alone, about 16.7 million Americans had incidents of ID theft.
  • Fast Track Same-Day service – Many credit companies begin working on the customer’s credit in about 3 to 5 business days. Ovation Credit has innovated same-day services, going for $25. They begin disputing inaccurate items on the same day you enroll.

Ovation Credit Discount

The firm has well-priced packages but still offers attractive discounts.

  • Switching from another provider – Ovation offers a $50 credit to customers migrating from other credit repair firms. The switch has to be in the past 12 months. They require proof in recent invoices or receipts.
  • Referral credits – The firm offers $50 credit for anyone who refers a couple and $30 for referring a single person.
  • Discounts for couples – The 20% discount applies to two friends, family members, or relatives signing up together.
  • Military and senior discounts – Both groups get 10% off their monthly fees but will need to pay the initial setup fee first.

Alternatives to Ovation Credit Repair Services

Looking for alternatives to Ovation Credit repair? Learn how it stacks up against some of the best credit repair companies:

Ovation Credit Vs Sky Blue

Sky Blue has the most robust money-back guarantee in the industry. Their single package at $79 includes customized disputes, Goodwill letters, and credit rebuilding help. Its services are also highly customized with personalized help from experts.

Ovation Credit may lack a clearly stated refund policy but boasts of more features. The firm provides unlimited disputes with the option for fast-track services and ID protection. Which company offers more savings? Sky Blue may be cheaper but not provide all the features of Ovation.

Ovation Credit Sky Blue
Best for Personalized dispute options Money-back promise
Credit repair experience 17 yrs (2004) 32 yrs (1989)
Guarantee No charge for mid-term cancellations 90-day money-back
Pricing range $79 – $109 $79 – one package
Initial work fee $89 $79
Estimated 1st-month fees top plan $198 $158
Services Unlimited challenges

Score analysis & monitoring

Creditor interventions

Credit rebuilding help

TransUnion monitoring

Ovation recommendation

Case Advisor & Electronic Disputing system

Personal finance tools

Limited challenges

Score analysis & monitoring

Creditor interventions

Credit rebuilding help

SOL research

Debt validation

Mobile Applications Not Available Not available

Ovation Credit Vs Lexington Law

Regarded as the market leader, Lexington Law doesn’t have a huge advantage against Ovation. Both firms have attorneys and paralegals working on behalf of clients. But in no way does a lawyer-led process guarantee more removals than a DIY approach or working with a company with credit experts. But there’s a point to be made that Ovation may be cheaper.

Ovation Credit Lexington Law
Best for Personalized dispute options Lawyer-driven process
Credit repair experience 17 yrs (2004) 17 yrs (2004)
Guarantee No charge for mid-term cancellations Not offered
Pricing range $79 – $109 $89.85 — $129.95
Initial work fee $89 $89 — $129
Estimated 1st-month fees top plan $198 $275
Services Unlimited challenges

Score analysis & monitoring

Creditor interventions

Credit rebuilding help

TransUnion monitoring

Lender recommendations

Case Advisor & Electronic Disputing system

Personal finance tools

Limited сhallenges

Score analysis

Inquiry targeting

TransUnion monitoring

FICO analysis

Creditor interventions

Personal finance manager tools

Identity protection & insurance

Credit score coaching

Mobile Applications Not Available iOS & Android

Ovation Credit Vs Credit Saint

Ovation stacks well against Credit Saint, another top repair firm. It has cheaper packages. The estimated first-month fee for the most expensive package is $198 compared to $315 charged by Credit Saint. They have more account features, including personal finance tools and recommendation letters. But Credit Saint has a clearly stated 90-day money-back guarantee.

Ovation Credit Credit Saint
Best for Personalized dispute options Customized arguments
Credit repair experience 17 yrs (2004) 17 yrs (2004)
Guarantee No charge for mid-term cancellations 90-day money-back
Pricing range $79 – $109 $79.99 — $119.99
Initial work fee $89 $99 — $195
Estimated 1st-month fees top plan $198 $315
Services Unlimited challenges

Score analysis & monitoring

Creditor interventions

Credit rebuilding help

TransUnion monitoring

Lender recommendations

Case Advisor & Electronic Disputing system

Personal finance tools

Unlimited challenges

Score analysis

Experian monitoring

Creditor interventions

Inquiry targeting

Mobile Applications Not Available Not available

Is Ovation Credit Worth It?

We conclude that it’s a legitimate company that deserves attention for its excellent credit repair services. They have two well-priced packages that are easy to understand. Ovation Credit prices are within market rates. Each free consultation entails a direct call from a credit professional. They continuously strive to improve the customer’s credit health beyond the scope of their service.


It’s a reputable company with a history of verified success. They are official TransUnion partners. LendingTree handles part of the firm’s operations, including HR and recruitment.

Their “No-risk Refund Policy” doesn’t promise refunds. They are clear about not charging monthly fees for canceling mid-month.

The policy also states that each case is different. In previous reviews and complaints, we found them issuing refunds for special circumstances.

There’s no defined timeline. The length of time it will take to remove negative items from the reports depends on:

  • Number of inaccurate negative items;
  • Complexities of the negative item;
  • Responses from creditors and CRBs.

Paying off debts may not result in the removal of negative items. But Ovation can help send goodwill letters or dispute items with the original creditor. You may also consider “Pay To Delete.” It entails asking the creditor for removal by paying the debt in full.

They can remove all negative items shown to be inaccurate, including charge-offs, late payments, or judgments.

The customer support team takes calls from Mondays to Friday, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m., and Saturdays, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Gerald Dunigan
Gerald Dunigan

Gerald is the founder and editor-in-chief of CreditFixed.com. Over 13 years of experience in credit repair companies and finance. Each text is published after its detailed proofreading