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  • Modern mobile apps
  • TransUnion credit monitoring
  • Progress tracking with text, app & email alerts
  • Affordable plans
  • ID protection & insurance

Searching for up-to-date and unbiased reviews? You’re in the right place. is one of the most recognized credit repair brands.

If you have visited their website, you may have seen lots of positive customer feedback. But what’s their service really like? Get all your questions answered in this review 2021. We will cover:

  • Aspects of their repair process;
  • Biggest benefits and limitations;
  • Pricing packages as there is no “pricing page;
  • Track record and Progrexion affiliation.

Let’s get started:

What Is emerged in 2012. Alongside Lexington law, it’s a part of Progrexion Holding, Inc’s consumer brands. While both repair companies have different approaches, they use consumer advocacy technologies from Progrexion. So, you may notice many similarities in their platforms. The parent company also provides credit monitoring and protection services through corporate offices are in Salt Lake, Utah, though all services are online. Aside from their website, users can access services through their iOS or Android apps. They have had various vital accomplishments over the years, including:

  • Over 1.8 million negative item removals
  • More than 1 million credit intervention in 2019
  • 175,000 free credit evaluations provided in 2020

How does Work? follows a three-step procedure. The first step is pulling and analyzing reports for dispute candidates. They generate a game plan by narrowing down items to challenge. Step two entails sending letters to credit bureaus, written from a legal angle. For the third stage, the company sends out alerts for any successful challenges.

How does Work

Pros of

People like CreditRepair for many reasons. They answer all customer questions and have a good reputation for improving credit scores. Their representatives have been noted for being friendly and helpful. We also found not-so-obvious advantages of engaging with their services:

Robust credit monitoring and dispute system

Customers get to track their progress using iOS and Android apps. goes the extra mile to offer text and email alerts.

Satisfactory “basic” package

Saving every last penny is highly important when dealing with bad credit. If you can’t spend $119 on the Advanced package, the Direct package at $69.95 is also sufficient. It includes 15 dispute challenges each month, which works out to 5 challenges per bureau. While the system may recommend a package automatically, it’s not a requirement to go with it.

Comprehensive education resources

The company has a very detailed education section. It’s continuously updated on topics ranging from credit repair to personal finance.

Robust technology

While systems can’t replicate actual human guidance, employs its ultra-modern platform to serve customers efficiently.

A good approach to resolving complaints

We also noticed something positive when reviewing complaints. takes extra measures to address grievances. They even offer refunds when it’s not their stated policy.

Cons of tries to cover a lot of ground and offers stellar services. But we have found specific issues with their platform:

Lack of background information about credit repair experts

They don’t provide a lot of background info about who’s working to send disputes. For instance, Lexington Law states that the process is lawyer-driven. You can even see the profiles of their team members.

Lacks a personal touch is also obscure about the availability of personalized services. There is no mention of real experts working with customers on a one-to-one basis. Though, in several reviews, we found mentions of people working behind the scenes.

Limited disputes for the expensive package

The Advanced package only includes four more added challenges than the Standard package. At this price point, some repair companies offer unlimited challenges.

Not clear about credit interventions/disputes

CreditRepair states they offer creditor disputes. But they don’t state if they send cease & desist letters, goodwill, or debt validation letters. It leaves further doubts in the customer’s mind.

Credit Repair Complaints

For complaints, we checked other sites as the feedback on their website is all positive.

On the profile, they have had a total of 72 complaints in the last three years. Most have to do with customers having a problem with the service. No repair company is truly problem-free. We check how the company responds to complaints. So, how has the company performed?

In one review, a customer complained about paying for five months for the service but not seeing any results. We liked the response from the company. After reviewing their account, they refunded two payments. While there is no money-back guarantee, they have handled past complaints well. reviews

How Much Does Cost? offers three pricing plans. They’re not advertised on the site. You will first need to fill out your personal information on the sign-in form.

How Much Does Cost

The main features of the Advanced package at $119.95 per month include:

  • Up to 19 negative items challenged per month
  • Six creditor interventions
  • 24/7 credit monitoring and alerts
  • Monthly FICO credit score & score analysis
  • Identity theft protection and $1 million ID insurance through a fraud protection provider
  • Personal financial manager tools
  • Challenges for hard inquiries

At $99.95 per month, the Standard plan is their most popular package. Compared to the Advanced package, the dispute challenges are only 15. FICO credit score updates are quarterly, and it does not include ID theft protection, ID insurance, or personal finance tools.

The Direct plan at $69.95 is $30 cheaper than the Standard plan. It includes 15 challenge disputes, three creditor interventions, alerts, and quarterly FICO updates. You’ll only miss out on:

  • 24/7 credit monitoring and alerts
  • The ability to challenge hard inquiries
  • Identity theft protection and insurance
  • Personal finance tools

By all accounts, this is still a great value. The most important thing is not credit monitoring and alerts. It’s the core feature — challenging negative items — that matters.

*Note that:

  • Each plan has a corresponding first work fee, e.g., $69.95 for the Direct Plan.
  • charges $14.99 to load the Transunion credit report to their system. It’s offered as “Quickstart My Account” and purchased from

Alternatives to has its strengths and weaknesses. Their main strong suit is the wealth of features in their credit repair packages. One of their main weaknesses is the lack of a service guarantee. Here are some of the best credit repair services if you’re still weighing whether to go with the provider:

Credit Saint vs.

Credit Saint has more credit repair experience, but this may not mean better results. It has a money-back guarantee for a more worry-free experience. The pricing packages are similar, but Credit Saint has higher work fees. offers more extra features, including ID protection and insurance. It has a better monitoring and reporting system with mobile apps.

Credit Saint
Credit repair experience 17 yrs (2004) 9 yrs (2012)
Guarantee Yes, 90-day Money-back No
Pricing range $79.99 – $119.99 $69.95 – $119.95
Initial work fee $99 – $195 $69.95 – $119.95
Services Disputes

Score analysis & monitoring

Creditor Interventions


Score analysis & monitoring

Creditor Interventions

Personal finance tools

Identity protection & insurance vs. Lexington Law

You’ll find many similarities between the two brands. Still, there are subtle differences in their services. Lexington Law has a lawyer-driven repair process involving attorneys and teams of paralegals. offers an expert-led process. Based on pricing packages, it’s also the more affordable choice.

Lexington Law
Credit repair experience 17 yrs (2004) 9 yrs (2012)
Guarantee No No
Pricing range $89.85 – $129.95 $69.95 – $119.95
Initial work fee $89 – $129 $69.95 – $119.95
Services Disputes

Score Analysis & monitoring

Creditor Interventions

Personal finance tools

Identity protection & insurance


Score Analysis & monitoring

Creditor Interventions

Personal finance tools

Identity protection & insurance vs. Sky Blue

Sky Blue has a straightforward package that includes 15 dispute items per 35 days. They file custom disputes while doesn’t make this claim. What’s more, Sky Blue has a long track record in credit repair and provides a service guarantee. offers more features. They have mobile apps for easier monitoring and dispute tracking. On higher packages, they offer ID protection and insurance. Their Direct plan is also cheaper than the one pricing package offered by Sky Blue.

Sky Blue
Credit repair experience 32 yrs (1989) 9 yrs (2012)
Guarantee Yes, 90-day Money-back No
Pricing range $79 – one package $69.95 – $119.95
Initial work fee $79 $69.95 – $119.95
Services Disputes

Score analysis & monitoring

Creditor interventions

Credit rebuilding guidance


Score analysis & monitoring

Creditor Interventions

Personal finance tools

Identity protection & insurance

Is worth it? is worth it, as they provide all the features you will need in a credit repair package. Even the lowest plan at $69.95 includes 15 challenges, creditor disputes, monitoring, and quarterly FICO scores. They back up their work with statistics. The company also states that customers stay with them for six months. Each month, the average customer has 7% of suspect negative entries removed.

Is safe even if they don’t have a service guarantee? Well, we found plenty of reviews from people who have benefited from their efforts.

FAQ has all the markings of a legitimate credit repair company. They don’t make any fake promises and claims. Their goal is to help customers discover items affecting scores and help fix them. They are part of Progrexion alongside Lexington Law, a trusted repair market leader.

Over 500,000 people have used their services over the years. Their apps are verified and trusted on Android and Apple app stores.

Yes, as long as the late payments are inaccurate. They can also challenge unauthorized or inaccurate hard inquiries. All repair companies dispute inaccurate information.

Chances of removing late payments are better if they resulted from student loans or identity theft. If the late payments were caused as a result of wrong reporting during divorce, you might also have a better case. offers creditor interventions, too. They may reach out to creditors to have your name cleared from wrongful reporting.

2875 S, Decker Lake Dr, West Valley City, UT 84119 has three pricing packages: Direct ($69.95 + one-time fee $69.95), Standard ($99.95 + one-time fee $99.95), and Advanced ($119.95 + one-time fee $119.95).

They offer a discount for signing up with a friend or family. Each person receives 50% off on their first work fee. hours are from Monday to Friday (7 a.m. to 7 p.m. MST)

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