Credit Saint Review

By Gerald Dunigan
Best for reliable & trusted services
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  • BBB accredited with no outstanding claims
  • Customized arguments
  • Credit rebuilding guidance
  • Unmatched 90-day Money Back Protection
  • Free credit consultation
  • Trust5
  • Technology4
  • Affordability4
  • Features5
  • Total Score4.5
  • Market Experience: 17 years
  • Service Guarantee: Yes
  • Free Consultation: Yes
  • BBB Rating: A
  • Costs: $79.99 - $119.99
  • Main Office: Oakland, NJ
  • Free credit evaluation
  • Score tracker and analysis in the lowest package
  • Good market reputation
  • Positively-reviewed support agents
  • Custom arguments and comprehensive reporting
  • High initial work fee (from $99 to $195 as per package)
  • Lacks a mobile app
  • Fewer free educational resources

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Looking for up-to-date Credit Saint reviews? This review covers all the vital aspects of this credit repair company, including:

Why choose Credit Saint? It consistently features among the top three credit restoration firms. Customers are covered under a service guarantee and with the assurance of quality services.

Credit Saint offers free credit consultations and personalized disputes. The company has a lengthy track record of providing credit repair for more than 17 years. Their tagline is “Services Tailored to Your Needs.”

Do they live up to this promise? Reviews for Credit Saint from previous clients reveal a company committed to delivering top-notch repair services. Their customer support staff are generally very friendly and quick to help. They even respond to customers that have left negative reviews and try to contact them for additional assistance.

Find out more about the company in this Credit Saint review 2021.

What Is Credit Saint?

Based in Mahwah, New Jersey, Credit Saint is a fast-growing credit restoration company. Its mandate is to help customers find errors in their credit histories and remove them.

They do this by submitting dispute letters to CRBs, asking for verification of the erroneous information. If the CRB can’t verify that negative entries are accurate or fair, they have to remove them. Consider that a wrongly reported late payment can decrease FICO scores by up to 110 points.

On Credit Saint’s LinkedIn page, there are about 41 employees. It includes LinkedIn users who have listed the company as their workplace and may not represent the total employees’ number. Part of their team includes customer advisers, specialists, and advocates.

Consider checking genuine Credit Saint reviews to see common issues customers face and how the company responds. You can see their Trustpilot page, Google Reviews, or page. Currently, the service does not have any mobile apps and has not expressed any plan to develop them.

Credit Saint’s vision is to put clients first before profits, and its mission is to fight for fair and accurate credit reports. Their client’s financial health defines their success.

How Does Credit Saint Work?

On their homepage, Credit Saint has outlined their three-step process. New users first receive a free account. It allows them to access their reports and provides credit monitoring.

Next, Credit Saint guides the client through the report review process of credit reports from all the bureaus. Working with a credit advisor, you identify questionable negative items. All that’s required is some prior knowledge about your past credit accounts. It makes spotting errors such as incorrect accounts or wrongful reporting easier.

The review gives Credit Saint the right information to challenge the CRBs. By obtaining user input, they customize the letters for higher chances of success. The team also asks for any supporting documentation that can be used to prove the accuracy of challenges. It prevents credit bureaus from dismissing certain challenges as simply frivolous.

Credit Saint goes the extra mile to promote credit awareness. Clients receive guidance on ways to generate positive credit history, for instance, through paying bills or taking out credit building loans.

How Does Credit Saint Operate

During your Credit Saint review, you may also encounter extra services that the company advertises, such as:

New customers get access to an online account that they can use to manage each aspect of their service, for instance, uploading any correspondence sent by the credit bureaus so that the team can review it.

Where Credit Saint Doesn’t Offer Services

The company doesn’t offer its services in several states. They currently don’t accept Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Oregon, Mississippi, and South Carolina. That’s because the state may have different regulations on credit repair companies. For instance, in Georgia, the state only allows certain authorized professionals to offer credit advice or repair, including attorneys, registered financial advisers, real estate brokers, FDIC-insured banks, and nonprofits.

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Credit Saint Pros and Cons

Credit Saint is a trusted and reliable credit restoration service. It has garnered lots of positive reviews from past customers and independent reviewers. We have also ranked it among the top seven repair companies. Their biggest advantages include:

We have found several limitations when analyzing Credit Saint. But they are not likely to heavily impact the effectiveness of the core service:

Positive things people have said about Credit Saint

The company offers excellent services, and plenty of CreditSaint reviews back up this claim. We found the following highlights from their Google reviews:

credit saint google review

The customer stated that they had worked with someone called Ferris and was grateful for all the help that was offered.

review for credit saint

Another reviewer commended the office for being very friendly and helpful. He also expressed that they were honest and upfront.

The company has managed to maintain a 4.4 rating on Google reviews, which is relatively high.

Credit Saint Complaints

We have found several complaints brought against Credit Saint. On their Better Business Bureau page, they have closed 47 complaints in the last three years. Many customers complain about not seeing results despite signing up for several months. It’s a common complaint across all credit repair companies.

Now, we focus on how the company responds to complaints. So, how has it performed?

In one recent case dated 09/21/2020, the customer had signed up with Credit Saint but did not see any improvements. The team requested her to wait for at least two months to see changes. Later, she contacted the company asking for a refund but could not reach the person handling her case.

Credit Saint Complaints

We liked the response on Credit Saint’s BBB page. After auditing her account, they issued a refund.

It’s worth noting that results are not going to be immediate. Most companies have a dispute cycle of 45 days. That’s because creditors may take 30 days to complete their investigation. Sending communications and processing report changes also takes some time. The first results may trickle in the second month of service.

For reviews on Credit Saint about the lack of results within 30 days, the company typically advises customers to give the process more time.

reviews on Credit Saint

In this highlighted comment, Credit Saint states that their cycle goes on for 45 days to account for the 14 days allotted for mailing letters. If you go over their response, you can also notice that the company tried to reach out to the client and apologized for the long wait times.

How Much Does Credit Saint Cost?

How Much Does Credit Saint Cost

Credit Saint has structured its services into various packages as it is the norm with top credit repair organizations. That ensures they can serve more customers regardless of their budgets.

The cost of Credit Saint credit repair is within the industry rates. Each package also includes personalized help from their team and expert guidance on repairing bad credit.

Clients can select from three Credit Saint fees:

Clean Slate

“Clean Slate” is the company’s most popular and aggressive package. It includes:

The monthly fee is $119.99. But the initial fee is $195. With most credit repair companies, the monthly fee is always equal to the charge for initial work. So, for the first month of service on Clean Slate, you’ll pay about $315.

Credit Remodel

Credit Remodel goes for $99.99. It’s $20 cheaper than the Clean Slate Package and includes all its features. But the dispute challenges are only 10 per dispute cycle. The initial work fee is $99, and you’ll pay about $199 for the first month of service.

Even with the option of unlimited challenges, it’s not uncommon for a credit repair company to advise customers to only file a limited number of challenges. That ensures that their challenges are not labeled frivolous by the bureaus. So, feel free to consider signing up for the credit remodel package if cost is a big concern.

Credit Polish

Credit Polish is the cheapest package at $79.9, but it doesn’t include Inquiry Targeting and Experian Monitoring. Disputes are 5 per cycle. With an initial work fee of $99, it means paying about $179 for the first month of service.

Credit Saint prices are not the most affordable. We don’t like the high initial cost associated with the Clean Slate package. It also puts pressure on Credit Saint to prove to customers that they are getting value for their money.

When budgeting for credit repair, set aside enough funds to cover three months of payments. To qualify for their refund policy, it also takes 90 days of continuous service.

Alternatives to Credit Saint

Many Credit Saint credit repair reviews showcase a responsible company out to serve its clients with the best services. However, they are not entirely perfect. Some of their competitors have cheaper rates and more service offerings.

Let’s compare Credit Saint with some of the best credit repair companies. Get a quick snapshot of their affordability and completeness of packages.

Credit Saint vs. Sky Blue

Sky Blue has a longer track record of credit repair than Credit Saint. Their 90-day money-back guarantee has fewer conditions compared to the Credit Saint guarantee. The one pricing package at $79 a month is much simpler to understand.

Credit Saint’s top package costs more but offers unlimited dispute challenges. Sky Blue clients receive 5 dispute challenges per bureau for each dispute cycle. Credit Saint customers may also miss out on extra services offered by Sky Blue, such as Debt validation, Goodwill, and cease-and-desist letters. Technology capacity seems to be the same across the two platforms as they provide online portals for account management and progress tracking.

Sky Blue Credit Saint
Credit repair experience 32 yrs (1989) 17 yrs (2004)
Guarantee 90-day Money-back 90-day Money-back
Pricing range $79 single package $79.99 — $119.99
Initial work fee $79 $99 — $195
Estimated 1st-month fees top plan $158 $315
Services Limited Challenges

Score analysis & monitoring

Creditor interventions

Credit rebuilding guidance

SOL Research

Unlimited Challenges

Score analysis

Experian monitoring

Creditor Interventions

Inquiry target

Mobile Applications Not Available Not Available

Credit Saint vs Lexington Law

Lexington Law offers a lawyer-led credit repair process. They have excellent client tools and apps with a solid market reputation. Lexington Law’s top package costs about $130 compared to the $120 per month for the Clean Slate package.

The estimated first-month fees for the top plans differ by $40. Choosing Lexington Law over Credit Saint may not result in huge savings. The latter gets the upper hand by offering a 90-day money-back guarantee and unlimited challenges.

Credit Saint clients miss out on the convenience of using an app to track their progress and scores. Lexington Law also has better-developed packages with many extra features. Their educational section has more resources and excellent free advice on a wide range of credit matters.

Lexington Law Credit Saint
Credit repair experience 17 yrs (2004) 17 yrs (2004)
Guarantee Not offered 90-day Money-back
Pricing range $89.85 — $129.95 $79.99 — $119.99
Initial work fee $89 — $129 $99 — $195
Estimated 1st-month fees top plan $275 $315
Services Limited Challenges

Score Analysis

Inquiry target

TransUnion monitoring

FICO Analysis

Creditor Interventions

Personal finance manager tools

Identity protection & insurance

Credit score coaching

Unlimited Challenges

Score analysis

Experian monitoring

Creditor Interventions

Inquiry target

Mobile Applications iOS & Android Not Available vs Credit Saint

Credit Saint has more years of credit experience than They offer a service guarantee and unlimited challenges. With, their Advanced plan only includes 19 challenges per dispute cycle.

The first limitation of Credit Saint is the lack of mobile apps. Customers have to use the browser-based portal for credit monitoring and case tracking. The initial work fees for Credit Saint are also more expensive. Credit Saint may not offer as many extra features as For instance, they don’t have ID protection or ID insurance on any package. also has a much better educational section and personal finance tools that can help customers better their credit situation in other ways. Credit Saint
Credit repair experience 9 yrs (2012) 17 yrs (2004)
Guarantee Not offered 90-day Money-back
Pricing range $69.95 — $119.95 $79.99 — $119.99
Initial work fee $69.95 — $119.95 $99 — $195
Estimated 1st-month fees top plan $255 $315
Services Limited Challenges

Score Analysis

TransUnion monitoring

FICO Analysis

Creditor Interventions

Personal finance manager tools

Identity protection & insurance

Unlimited Challenges

Score analysis

Experian monitoring

Creditor Interventions

Inquiry target

Mobile Applications iOS & Android Not Available

Is Credit Saint Worth It?

Credit Saint is worth your time and money. It has an established record of successful removals. The company works with credit advisors and specialists to offer personalized services. In reviews, customers acknowledge them for being helpful and nice. They take all measures to protect the user’s personal information and privacy.

They are a legal credit repair service that follows all the laws. Customers never feel rushed during the free consultation. The representatives take time to explain what the service entails and if it’s suitable. Many past reviewers mention the individual support staff by name, and this is another overwhelmingly positive sign.

Our verdict
  • Trust5
  • Technology4
  • Affordability4
  • Features5
  • Total Score4.5


Credit Saint is one of the most reputable credit repair companies. They offer free consultations. That means a chance to try out their services without signing up.

The company has been BBB accredited since 2007 with a current “A” rating. Their 90-days money-back guarantee will ease their clients’ worries. The team of credit advisors offers credit rebuilding help at no extra cost.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has not brought lawsuits against Credit Saint or its subsidiaries. The company’s top competitors, Lexington Law and, are involved in a lawsuit for the breach of telemarketing laws. They are both Progrexion brands.

Their money-back guarantee is meant to ensure customers of a “worry-free service.” But note that it’s subject to strict terms and conditions. For instance, refunds are only for the first three months of service. It doesn’t take effect if there have been removals.

It also states that customers should not have created any new tradelines that may have resulted in new derogatory marks. Similarly, the service guarantee requires customers to have made timely payments.

Some refund policies come into force even after performance events. You just have to be unsatisfied with the service. Before signing up, check their refund terms and conditions.

The company has not explicitly stated how long customers stay with them. The duration of the service may vary depending on the number of inaccurate negative items and the complexity of the cases.

Credit Saint stipulates that clients may start seeing improvements within 45 days. In their money-back program, customers also receive refunds if there are no removals within 90 days.

Other repair companies state that customers stay with them for six months. But it’s your right to cancel earlier. When ending the service, we have noted that customer representatives may ask you to stay on. Be clear about the reasons for canceling and that it should take effect immediately. If you’re canceling before the renewal date, inquire if there will be charges.

There are various ways to communicate with their team. For inquiries, call 1-877-637-2673. Find them on Facebook or Twitter. Their mailing address is PO Box 110, Oakland, NJ 07436, and the Fax number: 1-888-400-4679.

We found no mention of military or senior discounts. But there are discounts for signing up with a family member. Credit Saint will only charge one work fee.