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Texans in need of credit restoration can have their scores boosted by experts. The best credit repair companies in El Paso fix skewed reports, helping residents achieve a brighter financial future. They zero in on disputable information, obtain evidence and launch disputes on clients’ behalf. Trusted firms work in full compliance with the national and local legislation, protecting your rights under the FCRA.

Delegated repair is a great time-saver, as professionals know all the ins and outs of the lending industry. Top providers offer rich expertise, digital tools and valuable add-ons, including educational services. However, without in-depth research, finding a reliable company is challenging. We have selected six leading businesses based on reputation, services, and results.


The reputation tells us whether customers can trust the brand to deliver on its core mandate.

Industry Expertise & Reliability

Our experts analyze metrics about the number of disputes filed and consider the complaints brought by customers.

Technology & Tools

We check if the brands have modern websites, functional user portals, and mobile apps.

Range of Features

Our experts consider whether the firm offers creditor interventions, debt validation, report tracking, etc.


The firm should not be charging above industry rates, and packages must be affordable for all customers.

Best Credit Repair Companies In El Paso, TX

Credit repair companies in El Paso TX are local and nationwide firms. While the core services are the same (data analysis, evidence collection and disputes), additional benefits vary. The following firms have a proven track record of success, and their practices are transparent. Forgo the hassle of DIY repair, and have your score fixed as soon as possible!

Lexington Law

Best Overall
lexington law Sign up
  • The #1 credit repair app
  • Over 17 years of experience
  • Lawyer-driven process
  • Over 56 million negative items removed since 2004
  • Lots of positive reviews
  • Over 500,000 users
  • Trust5
  • Technology5
  • Affordability4
  • Features5
  • Total Score4.8
  • Market Experience: 17 years
  • Service Guarantee: No
  • Free Consultation: Yes
  • BBB Rating: C
  • Costs: $89.85 – $129.95
  • Main Office: North Salt Lake, Utah
  • Intuitive credit repair mobile app
  • The lawyer-driven credit repair process
  • Military, veteran, and couple discounts
  • Help from a team of paralegals
  • Comprehensive credit repair resources
  • Highly rated, trusted, and transparent
  • Complains about the billing process
  • No explicit communication on when to stop subscribing
  • No service guarantee
  • Currently, involved in a consumer protection lawsuit

This Utah-based company is one of the most seasoned providers, and it stands out due to its strong legal expertise. Established by attorney John Heath in 2004, it has deleted a whopping 56 million errors. The company works without set-up fees and offers a broad spectrum of services, from the bare essentials to assorted add-ons like identity theft protection. It also takes pride in its unique mobile app.

Credit Saint

Best for reliable & trusted services
Credit Saint Sign up
  • BBB accredited with no outstanding claims
  • Customized arguments
  • Credit rebuilding guidance
  • Unmatched 90-day Money Back Protection
  • Free credit consultation
  • Trust5
  • Technology4
  • Affordability4
  • Features5
  • Total Score4.5
  • Market Experience: 17 years
  • Service Guarantee: Yes
  • Free Consultation: Yes
  • BBB Rating: A
  • Costs: $79.99 - $119.99
  • Main Office: Oakland, NJ
  • Free credit evaluation
  • Score tracker and analysis in the lowest package
  • Good market reputation
  • Positively-reviewed support agents
  • Custom arguments and comprehensive reporting
  • High initial work fee (from $99 to $195 as per package)
  • Lacks a mobile app
  • Fewer free educational resources

This trusted provider has served the residents of El Paso for over 15 years. The company offers repair with a 45-day money-back guarantee and convenient online tracking. The prices are also competitive — as low as $79.99 a month depending on the package. The firm is one of the few BBB-accredited providers, and it is rated highly by clients and experts.

The Credit Pros

Best value
The Credit Pros Review Sign up
  • Team of FICO© certified experts
  • Advanced AI-driven credit monitoring and management system
  • Good extras: Identity theft protection, bill reminders, etc
  • Unlimited disputes
  • Amazing value
  • Trust4
  • Technology4
  • Affordability5
  • Features4
  • Total Score4.3
  • Market Experience: 12 years
  • Service Guarantee: No
  • Free Consultation: Yes
  • BBB Rating: B+
  • Costs: $69 - $149
  • Main Office: Newark, NJ
  • Lots of positive feedback from early users
  • FICO certified experts driven
  • Tailored & personalized services tailored
  • An advanced credit monitoring system
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • No mobile app monitoring
  • The website doesn’t offer an adequate explanation of their services

This reputable company does not have a physical office in El Paso, but it serves the city and the adjacent areas. The introductory consultation is free, and clients get handy educational tools in addition to delegated disputes. The number of challenges is unlimited, while the mobile app lets you monitor progress at a glance. Professional repair and practical advice from The Credit Pros help residents turn their finances around.

360 Credit Repair & Tax Services

This local provider has helped some of its clients gain 150+ points, and 33% of them see their scores rise within 90 days. The company has been in business for over 5 years, and it is open about its achievements. In addition to raising scores affordably, the experts suggest optimal strategies for further credit improvement. Their key areas of expertise are late payments, collections, charge-offs, bankruptcies, and identity theft.

New Credit Life

This company was founded by David Rosas, a certified expert in repair and management. It aims to provide a broad spectrum of credit repair services in El Paso TX, including education, relief, and management. The firm helps residents who face situations like bankruptcy, foreclosure, or vehicle repossession. Repair starts from a customized plan, and staff teaches clients efficient strategies for score improvement.

Credit Boosters

This company has a focus on affordable credit repair in El Paso. It challenges incorrect and outdated information, such as charge-offs, judgments, medical bills, and skipped payments. The services, which are provided in-person and online, include cease and desist letters to collectors and letters to lenders. The firm has been providing credit repair in El Paso TX for over 5 years.

Credit Repair Services in El Paso

Every company offers the same core services, which are complemented by extras depending on the package. Customers should choose a suitable bundle and budget for the cost in advance.

The Essentials

The stages of DIY and professional repair are the same. They include analysis, evidence collection, and formal disputes. The credit repair specialists will:

In addition, credit repair in El Paso TX may include score monitoring, budgeting, alerts, identity theft protection, and other options.

Legal Grounds

Credit repair in El Paso and across the US is possible thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It obliges bureaus to provide only verifiable information and gives consumers the right to dispute inaccuracies. Repair companies fix scores by challenging the errors formally. Once the bureaus delete the mistakes on your reports, your score jumps automatically.

After receiving a dispute letter, every reporting agency launches an investigation. It has 30 days to verify the data by liaising with the lenders that provided it. Eventually, unsubstantiated items vanish, pushing the score up. The best credit repair in El Paso TX prevents re-disputes, allowing you to get a boost as soon as possible.


Yes, these services are legal. The companies must comply with the Credit Repair Organizations Act. They may not work without a written contract, and cancellation is possible at any time.

Typically, prices vary between $79 and $129 per month. A one-time “setup fee” may also be charged in the beginning.

This depends on the number of challenges, as every claim is usually investigated for 30 days. On average, El Paso credit repair requires between 2 and 6 months. This means residents with specific goals like qualifying for a mortgage should get started early.

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